The wet winter season in the United States creates conditions which cause asphalt roads, driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, and highways to deteriorate. Moisture can damage asphalt primarily by seeping into surface cracks, and the result can be concaves, depressions, and if moisture is allowed to penetrate the foundation it can cause the entire asphalt structure to completely shift which can cause damage beyond repair. Areas such as New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nebraska, Montana, and Minnesota experience a significant rainy season and snow fall in the winter. Asphalt is resilient to the effects of moisture but it is susceptible to surface wear and tear. Surface fractures allow moisture to seep into the under area of the asphalt which compounds any surface cracks. Our asphalt repair products are a great maintenance tool which allows you to patch, repair, and mend surface cracks and seal out moisture before it can enter the asphalt slab and cause significant damage.

Cold Weather Weakens Asphalt

The makeup of asphalt makes it very resilient to moisture, and although it’s comparatively flexible nature allows it to withstand moisture and cool weather better than concrete, extremely low temperatures do create a condition in which asphalt is a little more brittle and more prone to cracking. As the temperature drops, asphalt starts to constrict which can cause cracking. By design asphalt is able to constrict or expand without cracking, unlike concrete which cracks much easier under moisture or cold temperatures, but no material can constrict or expand in large amounts without some cracking. In colder US regions periodic damage is going to occur on any asphalt surface. Our FloMix Asphalt Repair products allow you to easily patch, fill, mend, and seal any surface cracks to protect the asphalt from moisture and to cover any surface blemishes. This extends the life of the asphalt and keeps the surface looking smooth.

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