June is safety month in the U.S. The National Safety Council is promoting the second week of June as the “Stop Slips, Trips and Falls,” week. Roklin provides several products that can help stop slips, trips and falls.

Roklin offers concrete repair products and asphalt repair products. Whether you are dealing with a pothole in your parking lot, a crack in a warehouse or even damaged pavement on a playground or sidewalk we have many solutions. Cracks are always a tripping hazard whether it is from an employee tripping as he works or a customer getting a high heel stuck in a crack. PolyFlexDS Black in cartridges can be used to quickly and easily fill cracks in asphalt. Concrete Welder can be used to repair concrete cracks in minutes.

If the tripping hazard is larger, for instance, a pothole, FloMix for asphalt or FlexSet for concrete can be used to create a safe environment. When our polyurethane products are topped with our proprietary topping sand the surface has a skid-proof texture, further preventing slip and fall lawsuits.

In addition to the National Safety Council, the ADA sets many safety standards. As of 2011 businesses in the U.S. are subject to these standards. A good rule of thumb is if you deal with the public, you must meet the ADA standards. This means that in addition to schools, universities, hospitals and museums, health clubs, restaurants, auditoriums, movie theaters, bars, Laundromat, bowling alleys, zoos and many more businesses must meet these new standards. Wheel chair ramps must be smooth and at the appropriate angle, sidewalks must be free of cracks, lifts or gaps.

Take the time to assess your safety standards. Do you have cracks that need to be repaired? Is it time to fix a pothole in the parking lot? Go to Roklin’s web site to see the many options available for quick, easy, and long-lasting pavement repair options.