Roklin’s Motorized Pail Mixer with FlexSet for Concrete Repair

Highways all over the world struggle with Concrete Spalls. For a fast and long-lasting concrete spall repair, use FlexSet with a pail mixer. The polymer-based concrete spall repair works in areas where there is a lot of movement, damaged base or where other concrete repairs materials have failed. With no saw-cut or demolition required, the preparation is quick and easy.

Sweep or blow out damaged concrete spall using a push broom, blower or compressor. Place the 5-gallon pail of FlexSet on the Roklin motorized pail mixer, ensuring the pail is secure in the correct slots. Carefully pour the contents of bottle “A” into the 5-gallon pail, covering the supplied 30 pounds of specially-coated aggregate into the pail. After shaking the contents of bottle “B” for 20 seconds, pour the contents into the 5-gallon pail. On cold days or when there is little time for the repair, supplied catalyst may be added to speed the reaction.

Spray a light coat of vegetable oil on the paddle in order to keep the paddle clean. Place the paddle in the pail, turn on and mix for one minute before adding aggregate.

Next, add 25 pounds of Roklin Black Diamonds 3/8″ aggregate and mix for one minute. Pour into concrete spall, which can be filled to grade, as material is free-flowing and self-leveling. The FlexSet polymer slurry can now be feathered into the existing concrete, ensuring a smooth ride. Broadcast the supplied 12-pounds of topping sand over the area to create a high-traction surface. Once fully cured, the concrete spall repair can be returned to traffic, sometimes in less than 30 minutes.