Regular asphalt maintenance will extend the life of your asphalt with simple repairs using polyurethane asphalt repair materials.

DON’T – Place sharp or pointed objects (high heels, bicycle kickstands, ladders, chairs, etc.) on asphalt or indentations will result. This is especially true for the first year of its life and on a hot summer days when the temperature reaches 100F or above.

DO – Repair minor damage with Roklin’s Concrete Welder in cartridge format. Minor asphalt repair can be done quickly and safely with a simple squeeze of a cartridge.

DON’T – Drive or park near or over the edges of your driveway. Doing so can fracture the asphalt and crack the whole edge.

DO – Repair cracks with FloMix asphalt repair material.

DON’T – Turn the car wheels sharply on pavement. Also, don’t turn the wheels while standing still or power steering gouges can result. These are bruises or lacerations to the surface, caused by the kneading, grinding action of the tires moving on the bias against the asphalt.

DO – Fix potholes using FloMix asphalt repair material.

DON’T – Park the vehicles in the same spot all the time or “wheel dishes” may result, if care is not exercised.

DO – Move vehicles around slightly. Don’t give all or most of the wear to one small area. Distribute the usage evenly. If asphalt becomes uneven, use FloMix to smooth out the area.

DON’T – Leave damaged asphalt to repair “later.” Once damage starts, it grows exponentially.

DO – Use PolyFlexDS Black to repair cracks in asphalt as soon as they appear.