Concrete Repair for State Departments of Transportation

Joe Cushman, a distributor of our concrete repair and asphalt repair products, is an engineer who is pursuing the approval of our products for use by the Departments of Transportation in several states. Over the next two years, we anticipate that Roklin concrete and asphalt repair materials will be incorporated into highway and road maintenance by several states in the midwest and northeast. This is a lengthy process and most states test asphalt or concrete products prior to approval.

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Quick Concrete Repairs for Water Damaged Highways and Roads

Our Concrete Welder Gray and PolyFlexDS Gray for concrete repair is widely using for its ability to quickly repair and patch concrete for projects in which repairs must be completed quickly. Our VariFlo machine allows these products to be applied quickly over relatively large areas, making our range of concrete repair products a natural fit of departments of transportation maintaining highways exposed to high levels of rain and snows, and other roads which can only be closed for maintenance for limited periods of time. Going forward, we are seeking product approvals in Florida, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and New York.

Naturally, each state has unique weather and each has developed its own set of requirements to with a different set of requirements. Some states require demonstrations when the weather in clear of snow, and numerous test results are pending analysis. We’re excited to see our products gradually incorporated into state-sanctioned repair projects, and we’ll post updates as the approvals progress.