Unfilled cracks in asphalt allow water to enter the sub base of the material. When this happens, oils wash away, materials wear and the asphalt softens up. Without a good base, the asphalt is more prone to failure. Water penetration and softening of asphalt materials lead to a condition known as alligator cracking, also known as spider web or check cracking. The term “alligatoring” is fairly self-explanatory because the pavement surface resembles the skin of an alligator. Occasionally this problem can be caused by improper base installation and compaction during the installation process. Alligatoring can also be caused when weight limits exceed what the pavement surface was originally designed for. If caught early enough, this problem can be addressed in a relatively inexpensive way by sealing the damaged area with FloMix and eliminating further water seepage. Repairing the damage early will help prevent full removal and replacement.