Parking Lot Repair: A Worthy Investment

1. You’re spending more money on weed killer for your parking lot than the gardeners do for the landscaping.

2. Customers drive into your parking lot only if they really have to, and do so very slowly.

3. You park on the street telling yourself that it allows more parking spots for customers but really you just can’t face that pothole one more time.

4. You’re starting to realize that maybe that seal coating guy who keeps wanting to quote your parking lot repair has dollar signs in his eyes, that he isn’t trying to get your phone number to date you.

5. You have to take a minute to remember if your parking lot was concrete or asphalt because it is so gray and crumbly.

6. A customer just parked parallel, taking up what should have been three forward spots but the lines are too worn away to tell.

7. When it rains and you see the lines in your parking lot darken you think it would make a really fun and challenging puzzle.

8. After the rain, a whole flock of birds came to bathe in your potholes.

9. Your accountant wears hiking boots with her skirt to navigate the parking lot.

10. Your UPS driver puts on his seatbelt  and closes his door before driving across your parking lot.

If it isn’t time for removal and replacement, Roklin can help. Go to or call 877-FLEXSET for more information about how we can help repair that driveway.